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ABA Therapy Techniques That Help Children With Autism

Whether your child has been receiving autism treatment for years or meeting with their therapist for the first time, they will take part in a range of ABA therapy techniques that will help them make remarkable personal growth. Discrete Trial Training One of the most common ABA therapy techniques is Discrete Trial Training (DTT), which […]

5 Common Autism Comorbidities

Children with autism often struggle with more than we realize. Medical comorbidities are common for those with ASD and can range from ADHD to gastrointestinal issues. Read on to learn more about comorbidities and the best course of action for navigating these coexisting medical conditions. What Is Comorbidity? According to the Centers for Disease Control […]

The Power Of Positive Reinforcement

Have you ever praised your child after they washed the dishes after dinner? The next time dinner came around, did they volunteer to do the chore again? If they did, this exchange is an example of positive reinforcement – one of the bedrock principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy that is used to help […]

5 Ways To Teach Personal Hygiene To Your Child With ASD

Personal hygiene is a very important thing to learn at a young age. Not only does personal hygiene allow individuals to prevent personal health issues, but it is also important for socializing and maintaining relationships. Maintaining personal hygiene is part of basic daily activities for most people. It helps create a sense of consistency and […]

ADHD Vs Autism: What Is The Difference

The differences between ADHD and autism spectrum disorder begin with the presented symptoms required for diagnosis. Autism and ADHD may appear similar in some respects and often coincide with each other as comorbid disorders. Research suggests that anywhere from 50-70% of children with autism worldwide also have comorbid ADHD. A Look at Autism vs ADHD […]

Is The Best Autism Center Near Me?

You may ask yourself, “Where can I find the best autism center near me?” and not know where to begin. Before locating the perfect autism treatment center for your family, let’s break down what an ABA therapy center is and what makes this form of treatment special. What Is an Autism Therapy Center? An autism […]

Teaching Conversation Skills To A Child With Autism

As a social species, humans have an innate desire to communicate and socialize with one another. It’s why we aren’t formally taught how to have a conversation, as it’s a skill that develops naturally for many people. However, there are both neurodivergent and neurotypical people who aren’t natural conversationalists and struggle with holding dialogue with […]

Nurturing Self-Regulation In Autism: Understanding, Strategies, And Activities

What Is Self-Regulation? Humans are a social species by nature, and self-regulation is the process by which people orient themselves to be good members of a social group. Without self-regulation, humans would succumb to base desires regardless of the consequences that might come from engaging in such acts. However, most people acknowledge that others will […]

Why Learning Attending Skills Is Important For Children With Autism

Teaching attending behaviors to children with autism can help improve socialization skills and retention of information. Attending skills may also prove useful for individuals without an autism spectrum diagnosis. Many counselors and therapists adopt attending behaviors for the comfort of their clientele and to make them feel heard through the demonstration of active listening. Even […]

What Is Manding For Children With Autism?

Manding Definition Mands are verbal indications of a want or a need that a child learns to communicate early on in their life. While mands are a stepping stone toward clear social interaction, the underlying motivation for a child’s request is what truly gives manding meaning. The context of a child’s mand is an important […]

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