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ABA Therapy

Providing the specialists your institution needs to help its students thrive

Bridging the gap in our classrooms

As behavioral science gains traction in our schools, the challenge becomes finding the right professionals to implement it.

At Applied ABC, we source and provide these ABA specialists, manage staff, and provide substitutes when needed — ensuring schools have the expertise they require, and their students reap the benefits.

Specialists We Provide For Your School:

 Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs)

Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs)

Special Education Teachers

Special Education Aides

How we help children excel

Using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), our therapists guide students to develop essential cognitive, daily living, communication, and social skills.

By focusing on reducing maladaptive behaviors and boosting their overall functional abilities, we pave the way for improved long-term outcomes, both inside and outside the classroom.


Our School-based Services Include:

One-to-one, small group, or full group support
led by an ABA therapist

Treatment planning coordinated by a BCBA

Creation of program and training materials

Observation, creation, and implementation of written behavior support plans

In-school support services,
including reliability checks, analysis, ongoing consultation,
and faculty training

Empowering therapists with ATrack™

We equip our in-school professionals with ATrack™, comprehensive ABA software that transforms the way that in-school therapists can provide help to students with autism spectrum disorder and other learning disabilities.

ATrack™ allows therapists to:

We’re Here For Your Students And Community

Discover inspiring Stories of Hope —stories that follow the journey of students with autism, and how their lives were changed through ABA therapy.


How are your in-school therapists trained?

Our therapists receive extensive training and supervision from our BCBAs and Clinical Support teams before being placed in school settings. We provide all school-based providers with access to our 40-Hour RBT Course, an in-depth training module that prepares paraprofessionals to earn their RBT credential – an important accreditation in the ABA field that many states require.

Our agency also provides periodic Safety Care Training. If your school district has other training available, our providers would be happy to receive an invitation!

What happens to the data collected by your providers?

Our BCBAs create individualized programs that target students’ specific behavioral needs and/or IEP goals. Therapists collect data while providing treatment and share this information with the school team to monitor students’ progress toward reaching their target goals. Data is compiled into our proprietary mobile app, called ATrack, where authorized faculty can view charts, graphs, and other developmental information.

What happens if one of your providers is absent?

If one of our providers calls out due to an emergency or needs to take an extended leave, we will notify the school team immediately. For short-term coverage, we will attempt to locate another available provider in the area to cover the absence.

For longer-term absences, we will work to find a more permanent replacement to ensure the frequency and quality of our services remains exceptional. All costs associated with locating, onboarding, and dispatching substitute providers are our responsibility.

Get Started With Applied ABC

Starting in-school special education services is simple. Reach out so we can explain our approach and build a system that works best for your learning community.

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