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A summer of skills, support, and smiles

Give your child a summer to remember at our ABA summer program — where children needing ABA services can learn together, make friends, and discover new strengths.

A Place To Grow And Play

Let your child dive into a summer of fun, friendship, and new adventures! We blend playtime with ABA therapy techniques to help your child enhance their social skills, foster independence, and build confidence in a place that feels like home.


Skills We Focus On:

Fine motor activities

Using clothing pins to pick up pipe cleaners or stringing beads together

Group play

Playing board games, card games, and other indoor and outdoor games

Sensory activities

Sand tables, water tables, blowing bubbles, or interacting with sensory bins

Reciprocal play

Passing a ball back and forth, swinging, or jump rope

Gross motor

Playing musical chairs, hide-and-seek, or freeze tag

Unstructured play

Playing with toys or visiting our outdoor playground

We Accept The Following Insurance Providers

*Single-Case Agreements may be possible for families who do not have insurance coverage through one of the listed insurance providers.

Give your child a summer of games, giggles,
and growth.

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