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ABA Therapy

Is The Best Autism Center Near Me?

You may ask yourself, “Where can I find the best autism center near me?” and not know where to begin. Before locating the perfect autism treatment center for your family, let’s break down what an ABA therapy center is and what makes this form of treatment special.

What Is an Autism Therapy Center?

An autism therapy center is a physical location built specifically for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment. Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) or ABA therapists meet with children in either a one-on-one or group setting, depending on the skills that the child is mastering.

It’s not surprising to see a room filled with games or a quiet space where children can work on their reading skills one-on-one with an RBT. In many autism therapy centers, there are even playgrounds on the property for children to work on fine or gross motor skills.

What Kind of Therapy Is Given at an Autism Therapy Center?

Typically, children with autism are provided Applied Behavior Analysis at an in-person autism therapy center. ABA therapy is the only form of autism treatment that is endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

But what is ABA therapy? ABA treatment is a form of therapy that is personalized to meet a child’s exact needs by breaking down challenging life skills and goals into small, digestible pieces. For ABA therapy to be effective, children with autism may have to spend anywhere between 15-40 hours a week, but the benefits are well worth the hard work that goes into it.

Some benefits of ABA therapy include:

  • Reducing maladaptive behaviors

  • Increasing overall level of functioning

  • Improving emotional and cognitive well-being

  • Enhancing communication and socialization

  • Building independence and daily living skills

Advantages of Center-Based Therapy

Both home-based and in-center ABA therapy have unique advantages. One of the greatest benefits of center-based care is the opportunity for clients to learn social skills and form friendships.

Justin B. Leaf, the Executive Director for Autism Partnership Foundation and the Progressive Behavior Analyst Autism Council, and other researchers describe some of the advantages of a center-based model of autism care.

“Individuals are surrounded by peers throughout the day. During breaks, snack time, lunch time, play, and groups, learners have numerous structured opportunities for interaction with peers. More importantly, these opportunities provide the context for therapists to teach critical social skills that can lead to the development of meaningful friendships.”

Leaf and his colleagues also highlight how center-based therapy offers staff opportunities to feel more connected and supported in the work they do. If a therapist runs into a roadblock in an autism therapy center, they have a full team to back them up. In a home setting, their options are more limited. Having a group of supportive colleagues could lead to better morale, reduce burnout, and improve care quality.

Autism therapy centers also offer parents the opportunity to network and build connections with others who are experiencing similar challenges. In some cases, ABA therapy companies may even host parent support groups that give parents a safe space to discuss autism and ABA therapy with like-minded people.

Where Can I Find an Autism Therapy Center Near Me?

The answer is that it depends! Applied ABC, has autism therapy centers in four states: Georgia, Maryland, New Hampshire,

 and New York. This year, we hope to expand into even more new locations and continue to improve the facilities and quality of care that our organization provides for those in need.

Since opening our autism therapy centers, we’ve also been trying to get involved with each state’s local communities. Some events that our autism therapy center staff hosted or participated in include:

This year, we’re looking forward to hosting more fun events and continuing to raise awareness about autism spectrum disorder. We also offer home-based ABA therapy services in 25 states. Home-based services could be a great option for those located outside of our range of autism therapy centers or who want to take advantage of the flexibility and familiarity of their home.

If you have a child who has been diagnosed with autism and want to see if your child is eligible for ABA therapy services, click here.

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