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Helping Virginia's kids thrive with ABA therapy

Applied ABC is here to help children with autism shine, with a focus on empowering families and nurturing individual growth, we offer powerful support with a personal feel.
Home-based ABA therapy
Center-based ABA therapy
Social skills  groups
Parent training

ABA Therapy Options We Offer In Virginia

Home-based ABA therapy

Applied ABC’s home-based ABA therapy in Virginia brings professional autism support to the comfort of your own home — allowing your child to enjoy a relaxed and effective learning environment, right where they feel most secure.

Center-based ABA therapy

Our ABA therapy center offers a vibrant and supportive setting for your child’s learning and growth. Here, children with autism can interact, learn, and flourish under the guidance of our caring professionals — fostering skills and confidence in a community atmosphere.

Social Skills Groups

Our Virginia-based Social Skills Groups are a fun and effective way to boost your child’s social savvy and confidence. Led by skilled therapists, these groups create a welcoming environment for children with autism to interact and participate in group activities. This playful yet focused approach nurtures your child’s communication skills and self-confidence, setting the stage for social success.

Summer programs

Support and learning shouldn’t pause when the school year does. Our summer programs ensure we’re here for your child 365 days a year. Through a blend of interactive activities and therapeutic support, your child will enjoy a summer full of fun, friendship and growth — all in a warm, inclusive setting.

Parent training

We believe that family plays a crucial role when it comes to ABA therapy success. That’s why we offer specialized Parent Training sessions in Virginia, led by Board Certified Behavioral Analysts. Designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need, these sessions ensure you feel ready and confident to support your child every step of the way.

We Accept The Following Insurance Providers in Virginia

*Single-Case Agreements may be possible for families who do not have insurance coverage through one of the listed insurance providers.

Proud To Service These Virginia Cities:

A warm, safe environment for different activities and skill groups 

On-site mental health support from BCBAs and RBTs

Greater socialization through group therapy, activities, and workshops

ABA learning materials, games, and educational resources

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