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Sensory Safe Summer Activities For Children With Autism In 2023

Summertime means warmer weather and more free time for children while they’re out of school. Some may attend summer camps or participate in group activities like boy/girl scouts or joining a sports team. These are great opportunities for children to learn skills and meet new peers. For some learners, summer camps and large group activities may be aversive due to the large crowds, noise levels, and lack of quiet areas to deescalate.

Many locations across the nation are offering sensory-friendly events or are becoming certified as sensory-inclusive autism zones. These events and locations are designed for the inclusivity of all children. This gives anyone a chance to learn new skills and meet peers while being in a sensory-friendly environment designed for the success of children.

If you are traveling or working with families who are traveling with children with ASD, Autism Travel is a great resource for planning family trips. Travel agents work to design an itinerary that is sensory-friendly and provides options/deals with Certified Autism Centers around the nation.

Sensory-Friendly Activities Throughout the US

Sky Zone

Sky Zone is a trampoline park with locations in multiple states that offer sensory hours. This is a great opportunity to practice motor skills on a rainy day or with a big group!

Click the link to learn more about their sensory hours:

Movie Theaters

Many movie theatres across the nation provide showtimes for sensory-friendly viewings. This is offered for both new and old films. During this time, the lights are not dimmed as much, the volume is adjusted, and children are free to wander around and make noise during the films. AMC, Showcase Cinemas, and Regal are among the theaters that provide these specialized screenings.

Proud to Be Me 

Proud to Be Me offers beginner-level dance classes to elementary and middle school-aged children with developmental disabilities. These classes are offered on Zoom and can be a great co-cocurricular activity and form of exercise!

Learn more here:

Build-a-Bear Workshop 

Build-a-Bear Workshop offers monthly sensory-inclusive events where the store is modified. Lights are dimmed, music is lowered, and resources/guides are provided to families. All siblings and ages are welcome during this time. If you join their free rewards program, children can get a bear during their birth month for the price of the age their turning!

More info can be found here:

State-Specific Summer Activities


Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium offers a sensory-safe environment, including fast entrance options, quiet rooms, and much more. All staff receive training and education on working with guests with disabilities to ensure everyone has the best experience.

More information can be found here:

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta 

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta offers dedicated times with limited admission and a sensory-safe experience. You can even meet Callie, a therapy dog also available during sensory hours.

If a social story would be helpful prior to attending, their website offers one here:

Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta is a certified sensory-safe destination which is perfect for a bucket list location. A variety of sensory tools and experiences are available at no additional cost to families. These include sensory bags with headphones and fidget toys, quiet areas, weighted lap pads, a sensory experience map, and social stories for coming to the zoo.

More information and resources can be found here:



Aquatica is in Orlando, FL, and offers a sensory park guide for experiencing the best parks of the park while being mindful of sensory needs.

Learn more here:


LEGOLAND also offers resources and park features to make the park sensory-safe for parkgoers. For example, quiet rooms were recently installed in the park, and there are warnings about loud noises, flashing lights, etc.

Find out more about LEGOLAND here:

Crayola Experience 

Crayola Experience has scheduled events for children and families looking for an environment that is adjusted to include learners with sensory needs. Noise-reducing headphones and quiet rooms are also offered at no additional cost.

Upcoming sensory-friendly events can be found on their calendar page here:

New Hampshire

Sensory Seekers

Sensory Seekers is an indoor sensory gym that offers themed events and memberships.

More information can be found here:


Children’s Museum of New Hampshire 

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire puts on a free event every month for families and children to come and enjoy the museum in a sensory-friendly environment.  During this time, the crowd and noise levels are significantly reduced.

During this time, the crowd and noise level is significantly reduced.


Port Discovery Children’s Museum 

Port Discovery Children’s Museum offers weekly and other sensory-inclusive events for families of all ages. Admission is reduced, lights and noise are modified, sensory kits and quiet areas are available, and all staff are trained in inclusivity. They also offer the ability to book a sensory-friendly group event.

You can find out more here:

Six Flags America  

Six Flags America is a Certified Autism Center Park which means staff are fully trained on sensory needs and inclusivity. Six Flags also offers free sensory-friendly amenities. These include quiet rooms, sensory and accessibility guides, and low sensory areas that include reduced lighting and noise.

Learn more here: 

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