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ABA Therapy

Pros And Cons Of ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is considered the gold standard of autism treatments. ABA therapy is backed by studies and endorsed by major healthcare leaders, including the United States Surgeon General, as an effective method for treating children with autism. However, like most things in life, ABA therapy has its benefits and its drawbacks.

The Pros of ABA Therapy

ABA therapy works.

The first and most important pro of ABA therapy is simple: It works. Both the American Psychological Association and the United States Surgeon General categorize ABA therapy as an evidence-based, best practice treatment. In other words, numerous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of ABA therapy as an autism treatment.

ABA therapy is highly customizable.

Every child’s ABA therapy treatment plan is going to be different based on the child’s age, abilities, needs, and more. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Hands-on ABA therapy doesn’t even truly begin until a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) completes a thorough, thoughtful assessment of the child and develops a comprehensive treatment plan based on their observations.

Additionally, ABA therapy can be utilized to teach a wide variety of skills, ranging from finite and specific to abstract and complex. One child with autism may learn how to recite the alphabet and how to share toys while playing with classmates, two important and wildly different skills for the classroom.

ABA therapy empowers the parents of children with autism.

Parents can apply the principles of ABA therapy at home to maintain and support their child’s progress. In fact, most ABA therapy treatment plans include “parent training.” An RBT or BCBA can teach the child’s parent or caretaker how to support the ongoing development of certain skills at home. This is especially valuable for daily living activities, such as getting dressed, using the bathroom, and household chores. ABA therapy enables parents to directly support their child’s progress toward increased independence. ABA therapy also empowers parents to handle maladaptive behaviors and support the development of positive behavior habits.

The Cons of ABA Therapy

ABA therapy is time-consuming.

Studies have shown that intensity and duration are key to effective ABA treatment. The bare minimum is 10 hours of ABA therapy per week, but most children with autism will need more, ranging from 20 to 40 hours per week. And ABA therapy usually lasts for months, if not years.

The results of ABA therapy are not immediate.

ABA therapy is not a quick fix. That’s because ABA therapy doesn’t always teach simple, finite skills. ABA therapy also teaches fluid social skills, such as play. No child is born knowing exactly how to play with other children. Children with autism need time to learn what play is, what types of play are fun for them, how to interact with other children while at play, and more.

It’s worth mentioning that the results of ABA therapy are not linear, either. Learning new things can be difficult and overwhelming, and a child receiving ABA therapy is bound to have a few challenging days due to stimuli overload.

ABA therapy can be expensive without insurance

Because ABA therapy is recognized by major medical authorities as an effective autism treatment, most insurance plans will cover it. However, there are times when insurance companies will resist paying for ABA therapy. The process can be frustrating if you don’t have an expert in your corner to help you navigate the insurance landscape.

The team at Applied ABC is committed to honesty throughout the ABA treatment process. Our administrative team understands the nuances of insurance plans and documentation, and can help you manage the insurance process for your child’s ABA therapy. To learn more about ABA therapy, get in touch with our team >

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