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ABA Therapy

Our First Applied ABC Provider Summit

Applied ABC hosted the first-ever Provider Summit on March 16, 2023. Four providers presented on a variety of topics that was in line with Applied ABC’s mission to deliver family-centered ABA services to clients and families. This was an optional event, but if you are interested in watching, click here.

2023 Provider Summit ABA Topics

Nobody’s Perfect

Presented by: Taylor Ferguson, BCBA

Taylor shares his tips for navigating parent training and includes helpful information on supporting busy parents. He discusses overcoming barriers and strategies for building rapport with parents to ensure quality services to parents and their children.


  • Functional Assessment Interview – O’Neill et al. 1997.

  • The Homes-Rahe Stress Inventory; Available for free here.


Presented by: Paula Child, BCBA

Paula dives into what self-monitoring is and reviews her success and tips with the self-to-match system. She shares her experience with this program with sample data sheets and resources for fellow providers.


  • The Self & Match System: Systematic Use of Self-Monitoring as a Behavioral Intervention; you can purchase the manual here.

Effective Supervision of RBTs

Presented by: Shanee Halbert, BCBA, & Ria Archibald, BCBA-D

These providers go into the requirements for RBT supervision and how to deliver effective supervision to staff. The importance of quality supervision is discussed, and helpful resources for self-assessment and overcoming supervision barriers are provided.


Professional Development’s Role in Delivering Family-Centered Services

Presented by: Ally Burke, BCBA

This presentation goes into behavior analysts’ ethical obligation to engage in professional development and the positive outcomes associated with professional development. A variety of information and resources are shared for how to look for quality and reputable CEU’sand free materials.


  • PDF of presentation

  • BACB Gateway: Access to the major ABA journals through your gateway account. All research from the presentation was accessed through the BACB Gateway.

  • Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

  • Journal of Experimental Analysis of Behavior

  • Behavioral Interventions

  • ABA Ethics Hotline: This website allows BCBAs to get 24/7 access to ethics code support directly from associates of Jon Bailey, Ph.D., BCBA-D.

  • Rosenberg and Schwartz model when faced with challenging ethical situations.

Reputable ACE Providers:

  • Verbal Beginnings

  • ABAI

  • Behavior Development Solutions (BDS)

  • Catalyst

Book Recommendations: 

Feedback and Thanks

To those who attended, we want to say thank you! We surveyed providers who attended for their feedback and thoughts. The feedback provided will be considered for the next event to ensure this event continues to meet the needs of providers of Applied ABC.

Some of our providers shared the following impressions of the event:

  • “They all did a wonderful job. Provided a lot of valuable information and food for thought as we move forward in our pursuit of excellence/best practices.”

  • “Great information on CEUs. Glad you brought up social media. I often see many ads for CEUs. This will help me look deeper into the reputation of the companies providing the CEU.”

  • “I think the presenters did a great job and were very knowledgeable about their presentations.”

Overall, 89% of those who attended felt they were satisfied with the outcome and information from the Provider Summit! Additionally, 100% of those who attended felt the presentations fit the overall theme of delivering family-centered services. And finally, 100% of those who attended felt that it was a good use of their time and that they learned something valuable.

The data from the event shows we had a great turnout for our first Provider Summit! We will continue to strive for excellence when delivering services to clients and families by hosting more events like this in the future!

What’s Next?

We will love to welcome you if you are interested in participating next year! Be on the lookout for more information about next year’s Provider Summit and what is required to participate. This event will continue to be optional, but we welcome providers of Applied ABC to share their knowledge and expertise.

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