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Opening Our Manchester, New Hampshire ABA Autism Therapy Center

The official opening of the Applied ABC autism therapy center in Manchester, New Hampshire, started with a pair of safety scissors. Three children attending the clinic took center stage and worked together to cut through a red ribbon held up by Governor Sununu, Manchester Mayor Craig, and Applied ABC Cofounder Gitty Endzweig, BCBA.

This event helped showcase why this center was built: to give children with autism spectrum disorder or other neurodevelopmental disorders a place where they can safely grow, learn, and develop.

Connecting With the Community

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Before the speeches started, Mayor Craig toured the inside of the ABA therapy clinic and met some of the children – one of whom pretended to be a doctor and gave her a pseudo flu shot.

Once the tour was finished, Endzweig delivered a high-energy speech that touched upon the excitement of opening the clinic and the togetherness that such a center will form in the New Hampshire community.

“Here, our students will foster crucial friendships as they develop important life skills,” said Endzweig.

Governor Sununu followed up by highlighting the impact that Applied ABC will have on both the children and the Manchester and Southern New Hampshire community.

“This is exactly what we need; it is where we need it,” said Governor Sununu at the ceremony. “The pandemic was just terrible in so many ways. And this community, more than anyone, was left behind exponentially. And not having that one-on-one connection with folks and that home for families to have, that they can know and rely on, where they know the staff by their first name. It makes all the difference in the world. The fact that you’re here, you’re growing, and part of the New Hampshire family is just awesome.”

Photo credit: Scot Langdon/

Inspired by her tour of the center, Mayor Craig commented “I met Jonathan and Scarlet, two of the students here. What really struck me was how happy and how much fun they were having and the connections that they had with the adults they were working with.”

It’s All About the Children

At Applied ABC, we believe that every child in need should have access to effective, affordable, and compassionate ABA services.

Today, the rate of autism diagnosis has risen to 1 in 36. Almost everyone knows someone – a friend, a parent, a child – who has faced challenges related to autism spectrum disorder. Autism cuts through division. And touches our lives as individuals, families, and as a nation.

Policymakers continue to come together and pass legislation that empowers parents and improves access to autism therapies. Educators continue to develop new ways to teach and engage children with learning disabilities that enrich their lives, both in and out of the classroom. Advocacy groups and non-profits continue to fund research and public education, spreading knowledge and acceptance to communities of all shapes and sizes.

It’s in the spirit of this collaboration that we can come together as a community, where we can forge meaningful connections, build bridges between families with similar challenges, and lay the foundation for a better future. A future where every child has access to the services they need no matter where they live, learn, or play.

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