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How To Become An RBT

What’s an RBT? 

A Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) is someone who works directly with individuals with autism under the supervision of a BCBA. RBTs work 1:1 with clients in a home, school, clinic, or community setting to provide support to individuals with autism.

What Is the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB)? 

This is the credentialing board that provides the guidelines and credentialing for RBTs, BcABAs, BCBAs, and BCBA-Ds. The website can be found here.

Navigating this website is crucial to ensuring that you are practicing updated requirements and ethics. The board is also helpful for answering questions and providing resources for becoming credentialed. Some of the resources are listed here:


What are the Requirements to Become an RBT?

  1. Read the RBT handbook.

  2. Take the 40-hour RBT course; Applied ABC offers an asynchronous option if you are interested in becoming an RBT.

  3. Pass the initial competency assessment

  4. Complete the application and submit documentation – When you submit your application, you will also submit your certificate of completion for the 40-hour RBT course and the initial competency assessment that is signed by a BCBA.

  5. Schedule and take the exam – Once your information is reviewed and approved by the BACB, you will receive the information to schedule your exam. Exams are administered through Pearson Vue.

How to Apply 

After you’ve completed your 40-hour RBT course and have passed the RBT competency assessment, it’s time to apply! Once your application, certification of completion, and competency assessment are reviewed by the BACB, you will receive information to schedule your RBT exam.

Applied ABC’s clinical support department offers RBT training on an ongoing basis via Zoom. These live trainings are delivered by fellow RBTs and BCBAs here at Applied ABC for a two-hour session on ABA terminology and concepts for test preparations.

Reach out to for more information and how to sign up!

You’ve Passed the RBT Exam

Congratulations: you have passed your exam and are now an RBT. It is important to stay up-to-date with any changes to the RBT handbook and ethics code while acting as an RBT.

It is crucial to develop a tracking system to document supervision from a BCBA. Five percent of your time working directly with clients must be supervised by a BCBA. For example, if you work 40 hours a week with clients, your BCBA would need to be present for two hours of that week.

Here at Applied ABC, we ensure 10% supervision across all cases to ensure positive outcomes for the clients. We have included some resources for RBTs for tracking these hours below. All documentation must be kept in accordance with the RBT ethics code.

Delivering ABA Therapy Services 

Now that you’ve passed, you are able to accept clients and begin delivering services. While you are working as an RBT, it is important to continue tracking your supervised hours and reaching out to your BCBA if you have not met the 5% requirement close to the end of the month. As an RBT, you are responsible for ensuring you get this supervision.

Your BCBA will train you on data collection, behavior intervention strategies, and model how to run programs and goals for your clients. If you need some additional ABA support outside of a session, reach out to and touch base with your state clinical coordinator. Your clinical support coordinator can answer your ABA questions, address concerns, listen to feedback, and set you up with any training that piques your interest!

What are Next Steps?

If you’re ever interested in furthering your career, more specifically, becoming a BCBA, you are in the right place! Check out our blog “How to Become a BCBA” for more information.

If you have more questions, reach out to, and we would be happy to provide that support.

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