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Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Danielle Lucas, RBT

Where do you call home?

I was born in the small town of Puyallup, Washington. I moved to Colorado and had been there for 11 years. Now, I’m in Anne Arundel County ready to make Maryland my home.

How many years have you worked in the ABA field?

I have officially worked in the ABA field for a year! I started my RBT journey in August 2022 at an in-center autism therapy organization in Colorado and am now doing in-home services with Applied ABC.

How did you end up working for Applied ABC?

I started working with Applied ABC in July when I first moved from Colorado. Applied ABC was the best fit for me because they have tons of growth and learning opportunities to advance in the ABA field.

 What’s the most fulfilling part of your work?

The most fulfilling part of my work is seeing the progress a client makes, big or small. I love being able to create a relationship with the BCBAs and celebrate every success! There’s nothing better than knowing there’s a village behind these clients, rooting for them every step of the way.

 How do you unwind after a long day?

After a long day, I love to either go on a walk or run with my dog, Sadie, read a good book, or curl up on the couch with a comfort show and cup of tea.

What are some interesting facts about you?

I am a licensed Esthetician! I got my license in my junior year of high school doing concurrent enrollment with the local community college.

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