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Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Anna Kolesnikova, RBT

Where do you call home?

I am originally from Russia. 11 years ago; my parents moved to the United States. Seven years later, I joined them there in Atlanta, Georgia. My home has been here ever since.

How many years have you worked in the ABA field?

I completed the training and started to work at Applied ABC in April 2022. The Lawrenceville autism center gives me an amazing opportunity to gain different kinds of experience, learn from real professionals, and collaborate with a great team.

How did you end up in the field of ABA?

Shortly after, I moved to the US and met my husband. We got married, and our son is now two years old. During my first few years in the US, I was trying to find a new field to work in.

Luckily, my friend, who was working as a BCBA, showed me what the world of ABA is like.

What is the most fulfilling part of your job?

It’s really fulfilling to see the small steps that a client can make after just a few sessions of hard work. I feel encouraged to study further. I got my foreign diploma evaluated with the BACB and am enrolling in the university to get a BCBA certification.

How do you unwind after work?

After work, I try to spend time with my family. We love swimming, going on picnics, or picking apples during the fall.

What are some interesting facts about yourself?

In Russia, I graduated with a master’s degree in education and linguistics After, I worked as an interpreter in the migration service and then taught French to kids in a public school.

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