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Powerful tech for exceptional outcomes

Meet ATrack™ an all-in-one ABA assistant that tracks therapy effectiveness in real time — ensuring total oversight, tailored interventions, and transformative outcomes.

With ATrack™ Nothing Falls Through The Cracks. Because There Aren’t Any.

Streamline treatment planning, simplify data collection, and track every detail. ATrack™ takes care of the heavy lifting so that each child gets the most effective therapy possible.

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Your child’s brightest path forward

ATrack™ isn’t just a tool, it’s a vigilant companion in your child’s therapy journey. It tracks every step of their progress, ensuring no detail is missed — from the smallest victories to the most significant milestones. This allows our therapists to focus on what really matters — providing the highest quality care — while ATrack™  takes care of the rest.

A Therapist Equipped With ATrack™ Means Your Child Enjoys:


ATrack™ aids therapists in crafting programs uniquely suited to your child's needs, promoting an environment where they can truly thrive and grow.

Focused therapy

By organizing mountains of data, ATrack™ allows your child’s therapist to spend their time providing quality care instead of sifting through paperwork.

Complete oversight

Knowing that your child's therapist is equipped with ATrack™ assures you that no aspect of your child’s development is overlooked.


Maximize your impact with ATrack™

As a clinician, ATrack™ becomes an invaluable partner, effortlessly streamlining your daily tasks and providing detailed insight into each child’s progress. With ATrack™ keeping you organized and ahead of the curve, you’ll find your work smoother and your impact more profound.

Let ATrack™ Take Care Of It All:

Organized workflow

ATrack™ introduces a higher level of organization to your day-to-day work, making it easier to manage tasks and focus on what matters most.

Progress oversight

Gain a deeper understanding of each child’s development. With ATrack™ facilitating detailed tracking, you’ll be empowered to make timely and informed decisions for the most effective therapy outcomes.

Customized programming

ATrack™ offers the flexibility to customize your daily programming, tailoring therapy to each child’s unique needs — leading to better engagement and more significant developmental stri des.

Diverse therapy support

ATrack™ allows you to embrace a wider range of therapy options, including alternative and real-world activities — helping you cater to the diverse needs and interests of every child.

Streamlined data

Lose the paperwork. Data collection and review are streamlined with ATrack™, allowing you to develop finely-tuned, individualized therapy plans for each child.

Revolutionizing special education

This dynamic platform transforms the way in-school therapists provide help to students with autism spectrum disorder — empowering them to deliver personalized and effective educational experiences.

Transforming Special Education, One Classroom At A Time

Streamline treatment planning, simplify data collection, and track every detail. Atrack™ takes care of the heavy lifting so that each child gets the most effective therapy possible.

Streamlined data

Add notes to student profiles, record behavioral observations, and track students’ evolving IEP goals with ease.

Individualized assessments

ATrack™ offers a selection of easy and quick-to-administer assessments that can help you select personalized goals for each student.

Customizable data styling

Easily review student goals and behavioral progress over time — helping you spot trends and make impactful, data-driven decisions.  

Robust reporting

Generate comprehensive progress reports based on collected data that can easily be shared between teachers and special education staff.

Customized program

Write up customized programs directly into ATrack™ to support students’ individual IEP goals.

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