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Applied ABC At The Georgia Race For Autism

Applied ABC at the Georgia Race for Autism

It was a beautiful day to connect with the community at the Georgia Race for Autism in Lawrenceville, GA, earlier this month. Despite the incoming storm, the weather was great, the sun shone, the breeze felt wonderful, and the race participants came in flocks.

As the Fall Festival opened for the day, the joggers were already through the first stretch of the 5K race.

Walking up to the entrance, you could hear laughter and see children chasing each other around the tractor that was loading up for the first hayride. The farm animals from the Fall Festival were eagerly waiting to be fed and petted by the children in attendance.

Being the 16th Georgia Race for Autism, the event has become a staple for the local community.

The moment you walked through the double doors, you could hear the children playing and having fun. We were lucky enough to be right up front with our table decorated with balloons strung out spelling “Applied ABC” and greeted everyone with a warm welcome.

Headed by our Lawrenceville Center Director, Evelyn Villamar, who was giving away prizes to guests spinning our free roulette giveaway and copies of our scavenger hunt. Evelyn’s children were some of the biggest helpers on the team that day, running from table to table, making sure the supplies were displayed appropriately, and greeting visitors.

As the morning 5k was wrapping up, race attendees started trickling inside to explore the Fall Festival. There were tables throughout the center with all sorts of information ranging from ABA services for children to different job and college opportunities for people looking to start the next chapter of their lives.

While the race was certainly the main event, there were plenty of other things to do for those who go at a different pace – from runs/walks, tot-trots, and 100-yard dashes. The event also included our popular scavenger hunt, face painting, petting zoos, pony rides, and even a sensory-friendly clown. There was something there for everyone in the family to participate in.

This event was a wonderful opportunity to meet more members of our community in Georgia and provide informational resources for families in need and people looking for a new career path in ABA therapy.

As for our therapists and healthcare professionals, it was a fun and rewarding day. Because they spend most of their days in centers and homes, they are not always able to see the positive impact they have on each family they serve.

By attending the race, we get the opportunity to see the children we provide services to out in the community. Our community is close, and we thrive on being able to support and guide each other, which always shines through every year at the Georgia Race for Autism.

We’re looking forward to participating again in 2023; see you there!

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