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4 Benefits Of In-Center ABA Therapy For Children With ASD

ABA therapy doesn’t just have to be practiced in the home. Although there are many benefits to a home-based approach to care, having a child with autism attend an in-person autism therapy center can be a life-changing experience for children on their personalized autism journey.

Keep reading for 4 reasons to start in-center ABA therapy and also how our Georgia, Maryland, New Hampshire, and New York centers continue to make a local, community-based impact.

1. In-Center Therapy Offers Safety and Structure

Although there may be an adjustment period for a child with autism to enter a new environment, there are elements of unpredictability that can take place, like a sibling coming home from school or construction on a house.

Children with autism often thrive in a predictable and secure environment. In-person ABA therapy centers offer a consistent, warm place that can help children with autism focus on learning new skills and gives therapists a chance to create a space that works best for the needs of that child.

2. In-Center Therapy Encourages Peer Socialization

Bringing a child to an autism therapy center gives them a chance to interact with other children receiving ABA therapy. This can be great practice for children attending school or those about to start school for the first time.

Receiving treatment at an in-person ABA center gives children with ASD a low-stress environment to practice specific communication or social skills prior to going to school or attending an outing with children who may be practicing these skills themselves.

And don’t forget, peers can also act as a great role model too!

Often, ABA therapists also lead in-center Social Skills Groups that give children with autism an opportunity to focus on specific, personalized goals while playing team games and participating in group activities to improve social skills, emotional intelligence, and self-confidence.

3. Autism Therapy Centers are Built for ABA Therapy

Even though home-based care can be incredibly effective, the number of games and access to sensory toys and materials can be limiting. ABA therapy centers are built for one thing: to equip therapists with everything they need to maximize the effectiveness of ABA therapy.

Whether it’s access to a playground to work on fine motor skills or a sensory room, the possibilities vary from place to place and are often bound by the creativity of the therapy team.

4: ABA Centers Have a Consistent On-Site Therapy Team

With home-based care, there’s often a singular therapist providing direct care. At an ABA therapy center, there are other ABA therapists that can share their expertise with new therapists and offer assistance if needed or if a therapist is unable to make it to a therapy session.

Also, having easy access to multiple people can allow for many opportunities to generalize skills to new people.

In-Center ABA Therapy at Applied ABC

Applied ABC currently provides center-based services in Georgia, Maryland, New Hampshire, and New York. Our goal is to match our family-based approach to care with the importance of connecting with the local community.

If you’re interested in learning more about our center-based approach to care, fill out our Getting Started application.

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